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Sweeter than wine, longer than the summer night

April 25, 2019

Most people don’t know I like reggae. I guess I don’t look like it. But vintage reggae covers are my safe space.

I mean, can you please listen to these and tell me what you feel? Click on the links to listen on Youtube:

  • Let’s start with Alton Ellis. As one Youtube commenter says: straightforward, rustic, countryman, unfettered, crystal clear, grabbing, soul satisfying, miraculously bare and essential. I have nothing to add. You made me so very happy, his 1970 version of the Brenda Holloway and Blood, Sweat & Tears soul classic is why I love vintage reggae covers.
  • What does it take – I don’t know the original  Junior Walker song (googled it) but I don’t care. It can’t be better.
  • These Eyes – I just recently discovered this one. For sure some find this way of singing cheesy, I honestly find it touching.
  • Ok I need to stop. My other hero is Ken Boothe. Don’t judge by names, ok! Set Me Free. If you don’t like this tune, we might as well stop being friends. It doesn’t get any better: seven minutes of rootsy reggae + rock = rocksteady. (Reggae actually came afterwards, comment from the nerd.)
  • Magic moment. This is the song I stole my post title from. This coming summer will again be a hot one here in Berlin, I can feel it. Sweeter than wine, longer than the summer night, everything I want I have, whenever I’m holding you tight… … …

Good night, I’m gone dancing the night away 🙂

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