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Rain in Asunción

March 4, 2018



I decided to do nothing today. Since my long trip I am more convinced than ever that doing nothing, having no plans, staring into the void, even a slight boredom, is necessary to let new ideas enter your mind.

So I was out doing nothing when the rain came. Since I had a large umbrella, I decided to just stand under a tree and watch as the rain got heavier. Some nice sound and video recordings later – because why not – I decided to test my very first video app and make a short little piece of art (above).

Asunción has no drainage system. Streets become rivers within minutes and the water makes very interesting sounds as I realized. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my best bubbly water recording. I am also nut sure yet how to combine separate sound and audio files. That’s a new project for the next time I have nothing to do.





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