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Walking in KL

February 20, 2017
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After facing some unexpected and strong fear while freediving in Amed, Bali, I spent a few days in the big city just to see what it is like. The funny thing is, people had advised me against Malaysia in general (as compared to other SE Asian countries) and specifically against Kuala Lumpur. So I knew I had to come!

Kuala Lumpur was a blast for me, definitely worth a three day stay and maybe even more. I had an airbnb on the edge of town in a new housing development in an area never seen by tourists I am sure. You have to know, I am obsessed with seeing how “normal” people live. So here I was, a 20min drive away from any public transport in a condo with a 50 meter infinity pool. 

As in so many other developing countries, including the USA, I am awestruck by the complete lack of urban planning for pedestrians, especially in upscale areas. No sidewalks, no crossings, not a single person in the streets except construction workers on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Once I reached the hill you see in the background though, I noticed: there is always at least another crazy person out there, determined to hike the karst formations on the outskirts of a 7.2 million metropolis. And: selfies on social media help find unexpected friends who live in these metropoli. Small world, beautiful world!





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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 21, 2017 22:00

    Hali Katikám, szép képek
    …és gondolod, hogy egy ilyen zártkörü lakótelepen “normális” emberek laknak?

    • February 24, 2017 12:31

      Hehe, azért nem írtam, hogy “átlagos”. De egy Kuala Lumpurban született és felnőtt pár, a srác bankban dolgozik, a csaj egy online céget vezet. Két szobát kiadnak a lakásban, sokszor hosszú távon, gondolom így engedhetik meg maguknak.

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