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Camping on the beach

February 24, 2017

I have two deep insights after spending a day and a night at Penang National Park:

1. Every time I decide to sleep in a tent, there is a downpour. 

2. Camping on the beach should be a human right. 

So yes, it has happened again, I just couldn’t stay out of the woods for any longer. I took bus number 102 from Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia, to the park, rented a tent, walked for two hours and was happy. 

I get the feeling that it is harder every time I’m out there to just find a spot in this world, where you can put up your tent in beautiful nature, legally and safely. Lonely planet doesn’t even list campsites any more. What happened? For me it is still the best thing to do, better than being in a cabin, because that usually means limited pest control plus bars and music close by. And sometimes I just need to hear the ocean and the birds. 

But there is rain as well. The disadvantage of me camping like this is that I don’t have equipment with me, since I am traveling with a carry-on. So I’m left without a mat, sleeping bag, or even a pocket knife and with tents that are far from waterproof. This wouldn’t happen in my scout life…

In turn, I get beaches like this to my own and can watch seabirds hunting in the sunset. 




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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 24, 2017 12:10

    Hali Katikám, vigyázz azért magadra ott messzi idegenben akármilyen szép is! Mi holnap megesszük a maradék csokikrémet egy torta formájában, azért az sem olyan rossz.

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