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May 25, 2011

Ok people, here is my current adress, just to show off my Russian typing skills or for you to check on Google maps. Becuse I seriously do not recommend you to send me anything. I have been told it takes three to four weeks – the time I am planning to stay here.

Anyway –

Katalin Solymosi / Каталин Солимоси
Проспект Пархоменко 27 / 1- 58
194156 Россия / Russia

Apart from this I would have so many things to tell you, from my first excursion to the Russian countryside to intercultural communication with my Chinese colleagues in class, but the borrowed laptop I am suffering from is really so slow that writing this is a pain. So see you again as soon as I have found another solution.

До скорой встречи!

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  1. Anyóca permalink
    June 1, 2011 22:27

    ez igen! Legalább az írást gyakorlod. Bár szerintem a Solymosi-t magyar kiejtés alapján másként kellene írni oroszul. Itt a német kiejtés alapján áll a neved. De ez egy kicsit már túl sok az interkultúrális élvezetekböl. A képek klasszak!

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