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The Great American Road Trip is back

June 12, 2016
road trip

Yoshua Tree National Park, California 2015

It usually takes me a week to read the New York Times’ Sunday edition. Yesterday I discovered in last week’s business section that the Great American Road Trip was back. Fantastic! I can highly recommend it.

Apparently, low gasoline prices and general well-being put people back on the road. I had never thought about this. In my own little life, travel has never been about money. Independently of how much we had, we traveled. It was of highest priority. A day trip to the Bavarian Alps or camping in Greece was more important than a new video recorder (remember, this was the 80s), a larger apartment or a brand new car. This might be a luxury attitude – I do realize there are people who scramble for the basics. But there is more at play here I think.

“This may be a cultural shift, as Americans experiment with the notion that maybe money can, in fact, buy happiness, at least in the form of adventures and memories. It is a change that appears to have taken root in the years since the 2008 financial crisis. Postrecession, people are focused on memories that cannot be taken away from them, as opposed to tangible goods that expire and wear out.”

I am glad people are finally realizing this on this side of the Atlantic, too. But I am even more thankful that I always knew. More than anything, time has been the limiting factor for my travel plans ever since I’ve lived on my own budget. This might change soon however 🙂

If time and money wasn’t a constraint, where would you travel?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 14, 2016 20:16

    pedig ahogy beszéltük a szegény emberek útvonala volt. nem világos, most miért lett olyan nagy kultusz.

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