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Yangoni éj

April 3, 2018

A Yangoni éj kellemesen meleg,

sticky rice-t kajálnak az utcai ebek.

A folyó, a pálmák, szennyvíz illata kevereg,

a tegnapi ebéd kínozza a beleket.

Nincs messze a hosztel, már csak tíz perc gyalog,

boltok kirakata neonfényben ragyok.

A repedt aszfalton bételköpet szárad,

árván megy a turista, lestrapált és fáradt.



Yangon, Burma, 2017 március vége

Yangon 2017

Éjjeli képem sajnos nincs, de tényleg sok volt a neonreklám.



Rain in Asunción

March 4, 2018



I decided to do nothing today. Since my long trip I am more convinced than ever that doing nothing, having no plans, staring into the void, even a slight boredom, is necessary to let new ideas enter your mind.

So I was out doing nothing when the rain came. Since I had a large umbrella, I decided to just stand under a tree and watch as the rain got heavier. Some nice sound and video recordings later – because why not – I decided to test my very first video app and make a short little piece of art (above).

Asunción has no drainage system. Streets become rivers within minutes and the water makes very interesting sounds as I realized. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my best bubbly water recording. I am also nut sure yet how to combine separate sound and audio files. That’s a new project for the next time I have nothing to do.





Beni Fuji Onsen

September 18, 2017
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In celebration of my first clicks from Japan, I would like to enlighten you about one of my travel highlights in this beautiful country: Beni Fuji Onsen. 

What can I say. Months have passed, and I still can’t get over this view:

Read more…

German bread

September 10, 2017
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Yes, this article is about the stereotypical longing for German bread, by people socialized in Germany but far away from home. True story 🙂

During my years on the other side of the Atlantic, a major source of homesickness for me was the food. Or the lack of food culture as I called it. And by food culture I don’t mean the number of Michelin starred restaurants. (Washington DC has twelve since October last year, as I am finding out randomly right now.) No, I mean bakeries in walking distance for example. 

From my temporary dwelling under the roof in Freiburg, from where I can see the Black Forest, there are at least 2-3 quality bakeries within a ten minute walking radius. Gosh, how I have missed this! When after two years I finally found the “German landbrot” at Firehook bakery in Dupont Circle, I thought ok, maybe I could live in this city medium- term. Ish. But then they only made it once a week and you had to call in to reserve it. —

Have I mentioned that I am glad to be back?

Now I celebrate rye sourdough magic with a crust almost every day on my dining stool. Europe on a plate. Walnuts, produce from the region, Spanish wine, cheese from neighboring France, a Swiss army knife. Heaven. 

I am planning to talk more about food here in the future, so be prepared and send me suggestions if you like. Some topics on my mind are the upcoming chestnut harvest (checked out the trees today) and the best döner in town. Guten Appetit!

This moment

September 9, 2017
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Ich habe mich an meinem zweiten Arbeitstag bei dem Gedanken ertappt, wieso ich den Moment nicht mehr genossen habe, als ich in Laos auf meine Wäsche warten musste und nichts zu tun hatte. Ich war in Luang Prabang, trug seit drei Tagen, ach was, seit einer Woche, dieselbe Hose, ging runter um meine sauberen Klamotten abzuholen, aber sie waren nicht fertig. Dann machte ich erstmal nichts.

Ich weiss auch nicht, warum gerade diese scheinbar unbedeutende Episode aus den Tiefen meines Unterbewusstseins heraufgedrungen ist. Ich hatte den Moment genossen! Ich habe jeden einzelnen Moment dieser Wahnsinnsreise genossen! Darum ging es nicht. Es ging darum, diese Einstellung in meinem neuen alten Job und überhaupt im Alltag beizubehalten. Denn das schönste Souvenir meiner Reise sind nicht all die Erinnerungen und unvergesslichen Momente, die mich ein Leben lang begleiten werden. Es ist die Erkenntnis, die ich in einem japanischen Zen Kloster auf einem Schild las:

This moment

will never come back


Fast ein Haiku. Auch dieser Moment, in dem dunkle Regenwolken über den Schwarzwald ziehen, während ich meinen Blog schreibe, wird nie wiederkehren. Deswegen geniesse ich ihn unendlich.

Wie ihr seht, bin ich wieder da. Kann mich nicht daran erinnern, warum ich jemals weg wollte. Das Deutsche kommt langsam wieder als Ausdrucksform. Ich lese Goethe. Bis demnächst.

Laotian steam sauna

April 22, 2017

What do you do on a lazy afternoon in Vientiane, in 40 degrees Celsius? You go to the steam room!

After Ms A left for Bangkok, I suddenly had nothing to do. Instead of drinking my second capuccino or third beer of the day, I decided to do something different in the hopes of a local experience. 

Thank god this place is not listed in the Lonely Planet (yet), so apart from three young monks and a sex tourist, I was the only visitor. The changing room, washing area and steam cabin itself are gender separated, although the whole area is quite small. Let’s face it, it’s someone’s back yard. 

There are various natural skin care products on sale as I discovered too late (oat rub, clay, honey), as well as unlimited hot green tea. Again, it’s about 40 degrees outside. Inside the cabin it is closer to 90 and they had wooden benches like in a classical sauna. A herbal mix consisting of Eukalyptus, lemongrass and various other things was set in a basket on top of the steam exhaust, filling the air with a nice aroma. 

I did three rounds of steaming in a rented sarong totally on my own in the female cabin. I skipped the massage since they only had the Chinese type on offer that day, with those suction cups on your back…. That would have been too authentic, even for me. 

Altogether it was really great and the outside temperature felt nice and cool afterwards. For 20,000 kip entry + 2,000 for the  sarong (less than 3 euros in total) I would highly recommend this as a local experience in the middle of downtown Vientiane, away from the usual tourist activities. 

A Mekong

April 15, 2017
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Phnompenben megüt a hő, izzik az aszfalt,

elhagyott papucsot a nap porrá aszalt.

Sehol egy szellő, a levegő áll,

a Mekong folyik, folydogál.


Északra haladva Angkor templomai várnak,

az emberiség köszönheti Suryavarman királynak.

Az UNESCO vèd, pénzt szed, adminisztrál,

a Mekong csak folyik, folydogál.


Laóba érkezve kezdődik az Újév,

az embereket látszólag elkapta a hév.

Mindenhol víz, zene – a tömeg ordibál,

a Mekong folyik, csak folydogál.


A nap lement, lassan hazamegyek,

sticky rice-t kajálnak az utcai ebek.

a bulinak vége, mindenki szundikál,

a Mekong folyik, folydogál.


Egy sabaideet kinyögök, annyit jelent hogy helló,

ha van ami nem hiányzik, az a meló.

Csob-csobban a víz, az élet csordogál,
a Mekongot követve folyik, folydogál.


Lassan fél éve a világot járom,

az egész akció egy gyerekkori álmom.

A gyomrom néha kivan, a hajam van mitől égnek áll,

a Mekong folyik, folydogál.


Egyszer vége lesz ennek is, marad az emlék,

utazás nélkül mit is tennék?

A további terv még állatira nem áll,

a Mekong csak folyik, folydogál.