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October 2, 2018
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Recently in Kenya.

Whohoo, people, I’m in the “news”! My co-working space made me member of the month. The benefits are so far limited to all-you-can drink coffee, but who knows what will come out of this. Read the nice little blog here:

The BIG news is really though that I finally managed to say it to my boss: I want to work less. Boom. I’ve been saying it to myself for a long time, then started telling friends and coworkers. But I was hesitant to take the official step and I don’t even know why. Money is not the issue. I also didn’t expect push back (there wasn’t any). Maybe it was because it feels a little bit like admitting, that I am dispensable.

Who isn’t dispensable of course. In a theoretical way we all know. On the one hand, career newbies often get told: make yourself indispensable! But once you manage your own projects and teams, you realize that being indispensable drives you to insanity eventually, or at least to a very unhealthy work-life balance. Because once you are “indispensable”, noone else can take care of it except you. Which is bad if you want to be offline for a while or go on vacation for three weeks in a row. That’s when you need to be replacable by a great team who knows shit. This at least is my conclusion and I am grateful to have a wonderful team of colleagues who know shit and who enable me to work less 🙂

From January 2019 I will work 32 hours a week and can’t wait to spend the rest of the time on essential things. I will let you know how it goes.

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