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Tired hands

April 12, 2018
Easter: thirst for action
the tendency to exhaustion
make it easy
carrying, always suffering: the hands
Distraction of the soul
Fix stretcher instead of curing failures
with the help of –
the Sexiness of the wall drill
the wall, the ladder, bodies
strong hands
the bed, can’t stand
carrying, always suffering: the hands
the next morning severe lightness of the heart
rather do everything myself – the other reflex
carrying, always suffering: the hands
richer in experience, with sores
April 2018

Müde Hände.

This poem is the slightly edited English version of the German poem I posted yesterday. I tried google translate just for fun and can seriously recommend it for creating abstract/absurdist/dadaist or whatever poetry! Wow, I like it! English is simply genius. I almost went back to the German version to change it to less explicit – but then didn’t. The sound of the German version, the endless Substantivierung, is more suitable to what I actually wanted to express. The English one is more pleasant and at the same time more abstract, which lowers the publishing barrier for a personal piece.
Which version do you prefer?


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