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Farewell to Burma

March 24, 2017


At the Botahtaung Jetty, lookin’ lazy at the river,
I wonder about many things small, medium and bigger.

Cocktail sizes are what really matter now,

the sun is setting, I’m late for happy hour!


Myanmar, Burma, call it what you may,

it’s been a thoroughly lovely 25 day stay.

From the wooden vessels in dusty ol’ Myeik,

to the fishermen posing for shots at Inle lake.

From Lashio town where mainly Chinese sell,

to Yangon capitol, where the burmese hipsters dwell.

By bus, by train, by bike – I saw many a site:

The pagodas so golden the rice ever so white.

I’m off to Cambodia tomorrow but will have to be back,

Burma, I love you, off the beaten track!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 24, 2017 22:18

    Katikám, benned egy költö veszett el. Lassan kellene már gondolkodni azon, hogy kiadod az útinaplód! :-))

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