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Owls everywhere

March 16, 2017
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I noticed them the very first day I entered Myanmar – the owls. As you guys know there is a global owl craze going on and I always wonder where these movements come from. Did some trend scout come here years ago to discover the potential of these cuties on everything from mugs to smartphone cases? Was it the invention of a desperate Greek entrepreneur to build on their long history of owl symbolism for an exit out of the crisis? (Think Greek one euro coin.) 

Or was it simply Harry Potter?

I don’t know. But I found a pretty good summary of humanity’s obsession with owls as symbols of wisdom, philosophy, good luck, bad luck, you name it, on a jewelry website of all places. (Selling personalized owl rings, of course.) In Myanmar they are supposed to come in pairs and are considered the lucky bird. I bought mine at a stall for temple gimmicks but have seen them everywhere since. 

Do you have an owl at home? Do you support the global owl craze? 

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 16, 2017 16:47

    Hali Katikám,
    a bagoly Pallas Athene jelképe. A bölcsességet fejezi ki állítólag.
    De hogy miért pont most lett ez ilyen felkapott, nem tudom.
    Sosem szerettem. A cégünk ist ezt tette be a honlapjának fejlécébe.
    A divatos színekre létezik egy nagy amerikai megmondó cég, amelyik
    minden évben kikiáltja az év színét. Az idén ez valamilyen zöld.
    Talán létezik ilyesmi a motívumokra is.
    Emlékszem, mikor kijöttünk Németországban, minden háztartási
    cuccon valamilyen fa volt, de mindig ugyanaz.

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