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Fresh off the editing app: pictures of Nyangshwe market

March 15, 2017
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People often ask me what camera I use to take my pictures. Well, it’s been an iPhone 6 since this year, before it was the older model. For me, the best camera is the one that’s always at hand. I bought a fancy one back in the US, in the best electronics store of New York – and have never used it ever since!!! I schlepped it all the way to Fiji but it just wasn’t there quick enough when the light was perfect at sunset.

So here I am, traveling only with an iPhone, no other gadget. No e-reader, no tablet, no go pro, no shiny stuff that you fear to lose. It’s the best. I use the VSCO cam app sometimes to crop pictures, adjust the horizon line or add a little bit of contrast, but not much.

Here is the latest fare from this morning’s farmers market in Nyaungshwe, yummy.


I discovered Burmese sausage and am happy about it.



Even strawberries they have.



A sunny day for business.



Choices, discounts, bargains.



That was too exotic to try.



The tobacco lady counting her money.


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