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The hostel with no name

February 28, 2017

Back in Penang, Malaysia, I stayed at a hostel that deserves its own blog post. After camping on the beach for a night, I arrived back in the city with no plan and nothing booked – like in the old days of travel. I don’t do this very often any more, out of convenience. But almost every time I do it, I find something great that I would never have chosen online. Or even better, that only exists offline. 

Like the hostel with no name in 100 Cintra street. I didn’t even know what it was when I walked by but the receptionist guy shouted out at me whether I was looking for a bed. Advantage of looking like a backpacker! Except that I was looking for a proper room, not a dorm bench. 

The dorm.

But the guy insisted, showed me around and even proved me wrong when I said I am too old for this: the person who had checked in before me was 57, as documented in the guest book. Without any excuses left I thought what the hell, it can’t be worse than sleeping in a wet tent and at least I save money for future splurges. Plus the place had real chracter and I got to see an old Chinese trader’s house up close and personal. The beauty of walk-in versus online booking:



Reception area.


Breakfast room.


Pickles, the house cat.


Detail, not staged.

Now I am back to real rooms and full cabins on my own, sometimes even with hot water. Myanmar awaits across the border and I haven’t booked anything. 

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 1, 2017 14:19

    érdekes képek!

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