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Fiji day 1+2: the opposite of business travel

November 3, 2016
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A disclaimer before everyone gets excited: I am not bored. But I am taking things slowly, so I have time. Fiji time 🙂

When I finally made it through customs yesterday (traveling on your own with only a carry-on and staying for six weeks is very suspicious apparently) I took the strategic decision to take the local bus to my airbnb instead of a cab. After sitting in total relaxation at the bus stop for half an hour, the friendly lady next to me told me I was at the wrong stop.

Fiji time 🙂

This is when I realized with great pleasure that I am doing the opposite of business travel. I had been zipping out of airports to four star hotels in no time during the past few years, not having to talk to a single average person in the process. Now this lady took great interest in the concept of airbnb (she had never heard of it, just like the customs officer) and wanted to see exactly on google maps where I was going, confirming that she knew the neighborhood and that I had to get off at Mount Saint Mary’s Catholic Church.

By the time I made it onto the bus, sweating, not finding a seat among hordes of kids commuting to school, with a slightly different nuance this time, I once again thought – yes, this is the opposite of business travel:

A weekday morning in Nadi.

So here I am on day 2, still in this place with the charme of a certain agroindustrial town on the Caribbean coast of Panama, that I had the pleasure of visiting with Ms M. last december… There is nothing to do here, which is great, because I just wanted to sleep. A walk to the local beach revealed nothing special except friendly locals. Off to the capital city Suva tomorrow by bus.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 5, 2016 18:58

    Katikám, nagyon jó látni a vidám képeket és olvasni az elsö laza napjaidról. Remélem, tovább is így folytatódik a nagy utazás. Puszi-puszi anyu és apu


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