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October 28, 2014

I haven’t been doing much lately on the weekends, as you must know. Life is just too exhausting and sometimes I am simply happy not to be at the airport in Panama, waiting for my connecting flight. On the other hand it’s a pity. So I am grateful for Mr. J, who is visiting again, to get my ass of the couch. (By the way, he gets second prize for most frequent visitor in DC, just barely outperformed by my parents.) Inspired by his restlessness and the endless cultural activities DC has to offer, I visited the Phillips collection once again.

Place de Lices, St. Tropez Paul Signac 1893

It’s amazing how there are still episodes in visual arts history out there, that I haven’t heard much about. Neoimpressionism had been one of them. I would sum up the movement as a bunch of guys who got tired of all the umbrella wearing ladies and pastel colors of impressionism, therefore got rid of the people and started using orange.
Anyways, my excuse for today’s blogpost in reality is this picture I took with the “neoimpressed app”, a thingy installed at the end of the exhibit to incentivize a participatory experience, whatever that means. It’s just cheesy enough to be really American.

Greetings from the District of Columbia

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 30, 2014 17:05

    Hali Katikám,
    na elég gyorsan elolvastam az új naplóbejegyzésedet? Jópofa ez a képpé alakított fénykép.
    Bár nem tudom, így miért neoimpresszionizmus, hisz volt az un. pointillizmus is, ami pontszerüen alakított ki egy képet. Ez is olyan.

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