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The New York Times

June 17, 2014

I remember the very first time I bought the New York Times in New York. The moment came back to me yesterday when I opened the door.

Good morning!

Good morning! (Look at my tan foot!)

The two experiences, 6 years ago and yesterday, were nothing alike. I remember that summer Sunday on the Upper West Side, my first time in NYC, so excited about everything! The light streaming from the corner store I bought the paper from somehow feels very yellow in my memory. I felt so cool and cosmopolitan, thinking wow, I do what the locals do.

Now I really do what the locals do. As part of my active integration procress in the US, I prepaid the NYT Sunday edition very early on. Half of the building is doing the same, the other half reads the Washington Post. It’s so nice to have it on my doorstep once a week. On some Sundays it has been the only time I opened the door.

Although I have much less time now than as I had as a tourist, I still love the ritual and it still feels cool. I have my favorite sections by now (the book review, Sunday Styles, T magazine) and the habit of flipping through headlines first. I never get to the end. And on Monday Die Zeit from the previous week arrives, taking over priority. So the Times gets only one day of my unrestricted attention, which was probably the same 6 years ago.

More stories about New York are hopefully to come! (Kinda thinking about that city a lot lately.)


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