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A magical day at IDB

June 24, 2013

This morning I got up and there were 173 Emails in my inbox. (I got up late.) 172 of those emails were responses to a message that was accidentally copied to about 1500 people. I don’t even remember the original email. But the answers were a tragic-comedy, a study of human psychology and group dynamics, an exemplification of mankind as a whole par excellence. Regarding their level of intelligence and humor, the mails ranged from below zero/not amused at all, to genius & hilarious. I honestly laughed for minutes. The best one was a German guy pointing to the fact that this same thing has happened years ago in the Bundestag and that people took it as an opportunity to get closer in an otherwise anonymous organization.

Following were people ordering pizza, making plans for going out, asking others to stop responding, offering apartment rentals, asking themselves why they were not sitting at a pool instead of answering mass emails.

What a start for a day! By the time the avalanche had slowed down I had discovered the delete-all function on my brand new iPhone and was sitting on the bus to the IDB annual picnic! (the actual reason for my getting up late) Since I only knew about a pool at the picnic site from the mass email, I did not have my bikini with me and therefore had a limited array of activities at my disposal: drinking beer and cheering at my department’s soccer team. Here is the result:

soccer team


The non-documented result was total exhaustion from beer, sun, heat and cheering at 6:30. But after all it was a great day to get to know colleagues and enjoying working at the coolest department of IDB. SCF go!

Next time I hope to engage with guest authors again, especially on the prevalence of three letter acronyms within the world of cryptic abbreviations. Because all I can say is that I am a German APO at IDB, working for SMU in SCF. Enjoy the heat.

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