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Province or not

January 18, 2011
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I just read that tomorrow, Thursday, Grandmaster Flash will be in Freiburg. And I thought I lived in the province, wow! Don’t know whether I should be amused though by the fact that he will perform his art in the pseudo-poshest club in town. Anyway, the following song came to my mind – attention! first link on this blog! – which I think is ingenious:


Back to the topic. Until tomorrow night I will decide if I should stay or I should go. After my birthday experience I am familiar with experimental music (electropunk) in, khm, unconventional places (basement youth club) so in theory there is no reason not to go.

In practice there is this interview  – attention! second link on this blog:

– on the local events website with the owner of the above mentioned pseudo-posh club (Real poshness does not exist in Freiburg. They should see Munich.) saying that he will decide on a spontaneous basis whether to let sneakers pass. Shit, it’s Grandmaster Flash and this guy is having a problem with sneakers! Seriously!

I knew I lived in hell.

Comfort comes from this piece (wow, I’m getting used to links ; ):


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