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What I didn’t do

November 8, 2010
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– Blog about the conference in The Hague on agriculture, food security and climate change I went to last week. Maybe because I still need to get things sorted out.

– Comment on my weekend in Bruxelles with Ms. S and Mr. N. Maybe because the long term effects of these encounters will have to be judged later.

– Take any pictures at any of these two places. Maybe because lately there is so much input into my brain that the visual part will have to find its place to flourish again.

What I will do now though, is to show you my favorite pictures of cars that I have taken! Yes, cars. You don’t believe that an environmental person like me can encounter aesthetical value in these moving sources of greenhouse gas emissions? Yes I can. Style compensates and justifies so many things:

looks like Budapest in the 90s

is Budapest in 2010

could be anywhere in Paris

must be Freiburg

See you next time with more relevant information on friends, love, life. And agriculture.


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  1. netudki permalink
    November 22, 2010 21:17

    Nahát, nem is mondtad milyen oldi állt a Ronyva utcában

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